Our Sponsorship Program

“As many people give a little – together we can make a difference.”

A major financial support for the “Garden of Hope” ministries comes from our Australian-based sponsorship program. This program was set up in 2007 when the pre-school opened and it has been running and expanding ever since.

The program is simple and very affordable. We take a photo of each student/staff member/person under the care of the church, and make a card to hand out to people that want to financially support “Garden of Hope”. This provides a link between a person in Timor Leste and the sponsor, and you can pray for them as they pray for you. The money does not directly go to the person on the card, but is pooled to benefit the ministry where it is most needed.


Some students/staff/cared for persons are with “Garden of Hope” for many years, others stay just for one year. So we cannot guarantee you a long-term connection with any one person. The main focus is our partnership with the Gleno church so that the Body of Christ can function better as resources are shared more equally.

We recommend a gift of $144 per calendar year (this is $12 /month or less than $3 per week), and a commitment for one year, if possible. But as this sponsorship is run by faith, individual payment reminders are only sent if specifically requested. We aim however to give you a brief update each year on the person you sponsor and to check if you want to continue to be part of the program.

We also endeavour to send out regular newsletters that we will publish on this website. There may be the opportunity to send a letter/photo to “your” child/adult as someone from Australia usually goes to visit our friends in Gleno at least once per year. Some sponsors have even come on one of our trips.

Please fill in the below form if you want to join our sponsorship program or like more information about it.

For all other inquiries or messages, please go to Get in Touch.


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